The ability to make good quality audio is an invaluable skill that will make other aspects of content creation easier for you.

Once you have the basic skills of audio down, you will be able to quickly master all the other elements of multiplatform content creation. Capturing audio preserves a moment in time much like a photograph, however, instead of looking at a picture we are listening to its surroundings and hearing the voices of people that have something to say. We can even combine captured audio (digetic sounds) with extra audio like music or sound effects (non-digetic sounds) to enhance the story we are trying to tell. This is what makes audio such a powerful and enticing medium for content creators. A good sound recorder should be armed with the basic tools of the trade. Prepare yourself by reading this article

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You don't have to be sitting in a studio or an audio booth to record good audio. Recording at the very same place that something is going on like at a gig, an event or even someone's home can offer you a much larger soundscape and way more atmosphere, which can be really helpful when trying to tell a story. It transports the audience to a particular moment in time. All you need is a bit of know how. Read this article we wrote about recording on location. 

There are things that you must be wary of however when recording outdoors. The main thing you need to be mindful of is the one thing you can't predict - the weather. Being prepared for all kinds of weather conditions is key to recording outdoors and will save you a lot of stress and time in post-production. Read this article on recording in variable weather conditions.

Post production is the process of editing your audio after you have collected it. Think of recording audio as collecting bricks to make a house. It's only once you collect all your bricks that you can start getting to work and making something. Post production is the process that transforms your audio to a final project. There are a number of audio editing tools out there so it might be hard to know where to look. That's why we made a list of audio editing software that we've given the tick of approval. 

Podcasting is another form of audio content creation that complements radio in a different way. It allows your audience to listen in an unscheduled way using their handheld device or on the go. TV ratings are naturally declining and podcasts are slowly paving the way for modern content creation. Some say that Podcasting was hurtled into the mainstream by Sarah Koenig's hit Serial. We wrote a difinitive guide to podcasting which you can read here.  

Once you have all the skills you need, perhaps you'll want to start your very own show. Getting a show on community radio is a whole different scenario than creating a demo reel to work at a commercial or public (SBS/ABC) radio station. A programming coordinator, manager or committee will want to hear more than just a 3-minute compilation of your best ‘radio voice’ and weather breaks to consider if your program is suitable for the station.  Read more about how to approach your application for airtime in this article.


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