Video is a highly sensory experience as it combines optical and aural technologies to convey an idea.

It is safe to say that video is the closest that mainstream media has got to fully immersing the audience in an experience they might not otherwise get to be a part of. As multiplatform content makers, video is a highly effective tool as it is another way of engaging our audience in an interesting way.

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To become a videographer you need to know how to shoot and edit a video. Filming does not have to be complicated - in fact the less you complicate the technology, the more you can focus on the actual content of the clip. Have you ever tried using your smartphone to shoot a great video with a clear idea? They are great portable devices with a super simple interface that might be available at your fingertips! To learn how to shoot a great video with a clear message using your smartphone click here.

You don't even need to necessarily film anything to achieve the same effectiveness of a video. Static photos can be easily transformed into animated GIFs using free online resources or moving images using the Ken Burns effect. Learn more about how to animate your stills

With the digitisation of radio, we are now expected to think about what audio will look like on the internet. Often the solution to this is to add video content of what you might be talking about on air. To make it more engaging for the audience, we need to be thinking in visual terms. Read more about how you might go about translating radio to a video context by clicking here

One way that we might translate our radio content to a video piece is by filming an interview and uploading it online. The basic skills you need to be able to successfully shoot an interview are all about your preparation, location, talent, knowledge of audience and practical rules around eyelines, shots and crossing the line. We made a guide which gives you all the skills you need to shoot an interview

Often the most interesting part of an interview is what happens when the microphones are turned off. Shooting behind the scenes of an interview is another way to succesfully engage your audience because it gives them extra knowledge and insight they normally wouldn't be getting if they were just listening to you on the radio. Learn more about shooting behind the scenes here

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