At the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) we’re continually innovating in sector skills development, consulting on high quality effective training techniques and best practice in e-learning.  The future of our sector depends on strengthening governance, nurturing leadership skills, and developing diverse income streams for financial sustainability.

A social enterprise and leadership development approach fits comfortably with the community aims of the sector:

  • Social enterprises are socially-beneficial companies which reinvest profits back into their own activities and for the benefit of their communities.
  • Leadership is a process which maximizes the efforts of others toward the achievement of a collective goal.

This project adapts the approach to meet the unique needs of community media organisations. With a focus on increasing diversity, it will foster existing leadership and enterprise potential within the sector through flexible learning and mentoring programs.

Check out the latest opportunities and events below and sign up to our bulletin for more:

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Take it On is a series of professional development summits, workshops, online meetups, and training opportunities to upskill existing and potential community media trainers in leadership and management skills. Think Big is a fully-funded online learning and mentoring program designed to support community radio and television stations to strengthen and diversify income.
May 04, 2020

COVID-19 Response Coaching Support

in CMTO News by Giordana Caputo
The financial and organisational impacts of COVID-19 are constantly shifting, and it's a difficult time for many stations at the moment. Stations are adapting business strategies to respond to the effects on their sponsors and supporters and the CMTO is here to help. We’re extending our TAKE IT ON… Read More
April 20, 2020

WEBINAR: Funding Support & Opportunities for Community Broadcasters

in CMTO News by Mikaela Ford
Funding Support & Opportunities for Community Broadcasters 11:00 AM (AEST) Thursday 23 April 2020 The latest in our special series of webinars supporting you with COVID-19 will provide an overview of financial measures available to community broadcasters. WATCH HERE! In response to COVID-19, the… Read More
Apr 08, 2020

WEBINAR: Governance- COVID-19 Impact on Boards & Directors

in CMTO News
Governance- COVID-19 Impact on Boards & Directors 11:00am (AEST) Thursday 16 April 2020 WATCH HERE! The latest in our special series of webinars looks at the impact of Covid-19 for community radio boards and directors. We'll be giving an overview of what this means regarding the differing… Read More
Feb 28, 2020

Take It On - Secrets of Successful Community Broadcasting Boards

in CMTO News
On Thursday the 20th of February, seventeen participants from Community Radio Stations across Australia came together in Melbourne to undertake the first CMTO TAKE IT ON professional development workshop of 2020 “Secrets of Successful Community Broadcasting Boards ". Facilitated by Patrick Moriarty… Read More
Oct 22, 2019

CMTO & ICDA join forces for leadership learning

in CMTO News
Our new leadership & professional development program kicks off with a CBAA conference session 'Governance & Leadership' 2pm Friday, 25th October 2019. Facilitated by: Patrick Moriarty, from 'Our Community' and Executive Director of the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) Patrick will… Read More
Sep 28, 2018

CMTO awarded training funds for business skills

in CMTO News
We've been awarded funding for more training by the CBF! Over the next four years, the CMTO will be delivering a range of business skills related activities to enhance business, leadership, management and Training opportunities will include:social enterprise skills for people volunteering or… Read More
September 17, 2020

THINK BIG: Grants, Sponsorship & Fundraising

in CMTO News by Kween G
THINK BIG: Grants, Sponsorship & Fundraising At the beginning of September 17 learners from 14 community radio stations around Australia have been matched with industry mentors to develop income diversification through the new 12 week online course. Patrick Moriarty from Our Community and the… Read More
May 04, 2020

THINKING BIG Against COVID19 Challenges

in CMTO News by Emma Couch
On Wednesday 29 April, 18 students and mentors from around the country came together to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the financial stability of their community media organisations. Online presentations from 8 community media organisations demonstrated the adaptability, resilience and… Read More
Oct 22, 2019

Social Enterprise Course- Launching at CBAA Conference

in CMTO News
Our new online learning and mentor program launches with a CBAA conference session 'Community Media as Social Enterprise' 3.30pm Friday, 25th October 2019. Panel: Libby Ward-Christie - Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne; Chris Wheeldon - RTRFM Operations, Events & Volunteer Manager; Dion Woodman -… Read More
Aug 22, 2019

Are you a social enterprise expert?

in CMTO News
The CMTO are on the lookout for a course developer/s for the first stage of our new ‘Think Big’ Social Enterprise Mentor Program as per of the CMTO's Leadership and Enterprise Training Program. If you are an experienced course designer with an understanding of online learning and have solid social… Read More