Find out about how the producers of some of the best of AudioLab features made their mark on the airwaves. Read about what it takes to make great radio and other musings about sound on the airwaves.

Gina McKeon

Interview: Award-winning producer Gina McKeon

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Walkley Award-winning radio producer Gina McKeon generously took time out recently to chat to AudioLab about making great radio. In the process of chatting with us about her piece St Vincent's [featured in Audiolab's Features + Docos section] Gina shared some… Read More...

What Do I Need to Record on Location?

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A lot of CMTO students ask us about what kind of recording equipment they should buy. There are so many recorders out there it is difficult to know where to start. Without a doubt if you are producing a feature or documentary you need a microphone and a… Read More...
sound waves

AudioLab Launch CBAA Conference 2012

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In November 2012, the CMTO launched AudioLab at the CBAA Conference in Melbourne with a live showcase of some of the audio featured on the website. The showcase also provided an introduction to some of the pieces as well as commentary about why we chose them… Read More...

Creative Audio and Community Radio

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Back when Community Radio started in Australia, it was very much a space where people who wanted to produce great stories congregated. As the decades flew past most of the early talks producers got jobs at the ABC, as there was no way of generating a decent… Read More...

RTE Producer Notes: Because You Can't Smell Someone on Skype

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Liam Nolan is the producer of the RTE feature Because You Can't Smell Someone on Skype. We sent him a couple of questions by email and he kindly responded: AudioLab: Did you imagine this documentary before you started recording? eg the use of Skype sounds and… Read More...

Producers Notes: Imaginary Friends

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There is something captivating about listening to children on the radio and Kate Montague's "Imaginary Friends" is no exception. In "Imaginary Friends" Kate takes a look at the imaginary friends of children. The story is a confession or self exploration which… Read More...