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Apply for Transom's Adelaide Workshop

Apr 17, 2019 CMTO News
Transom Adelaide: August 25th – August 31st, 2019 We're so excited that the CMTO will be hosting…

Why you should apply for the NFDS

Mar 28, 2019 CMTO News
An annual showcase of work by new and emerging Australian community radio producers. Applications…

Project Management on Technorama Tuesdays

Mar 20, 2019 CMTO News
Lining up your ducks: Project management for beginners with Julie SpencerTuesday, March 26, 2019,…

Apply for a Tech Blitz at your station

Mar 15, 2019 CMTO News
Earlier this year, the CMTO and Technorama collaborated on the first Station Tech Blitz at 2RRR…

Automation Station Pt II on Technorama Tuesdays

Feb 20, 2019 CMTO News
Technorama Tuesdays: Automation Station Pt II (Advanced) with Peter GillTuesday, February 26, 2019,…

Start the Year Safely with Technorama

Jan 23, 2019 CMTO News
Technorama Tuesdays: Start the Year Safelywith Josh PearsonTuesday, January 29, 2019, 6:30 pm Two…

An end of year update from the CMTO

Dec 19, 2018 CMTO News

We're hiring a Project Manager

Dec 14, 2018 CMTO News
The CMTO are looking for an experienced Project Manager to join our team in Sydney. The ideal…

How to deliver award winning training

Dec 12, 2018 CMTO News
At this year's CBAA Awards, Plenty Valley FM took home the Excellence in Training award,…

Get a media qualification in Sydney this summer!

Nov 15, 2018 CMTO News
Are you in Sydney? Would you like to present your own radio show or create your own podcast? Get…

CMTO awarded training funds for business skills

Sep 28, 2018 CMTO News
We've been awarded funding for more training by the CBF! Over the next four years, the CMTO will be…

Learn new skills at the CBAA/CMTO Media Lab

Aug 21, 2018 CMTO News
The Media Lab is the hands-on space at the CBAA Conference, where you can pick up new skills or…

HOW TO: Audiograms

May 11, 2018 CMTO News
In 2017, CMTO, in collaboration with the CBAA created a bunch of videos of the audio for the 2017…

'Can I legally play this out to air?' and other questions you should be asking

Apr 26, 2018 CMTO News
Recently The BBC published 16'000 free audio samples, letting you 'Explore a weird and wonderful…

CMTO Live: Technorama's John Maizels talking Technology

Mar 28, 2018 CMTO News
Watch John's Facebook Live or download the slides from his presentation. Join Technorama's John…

What Happened at CONVERGE Conference 2018?

Mar 26, 2018 CMTO News
Over 100 First Nations Media representatives got together from all over Australia for CONVERGE…

You Answered, We Listened! Results from the 2017/2018 Training Needs Survey

Mar 21, 2018 CMTO News
Copy of Summary 6
Every year The CMTO invites all involved in community broadcasting to fill out a survey which…

Audiocraft Lineup Announcement: CMTO CEO Will be Presenting with Hindenburg

Mar 01, 2018 CMTO News
The CMTO will be presenting a workshop at Audiocraft Podcast Festival in June in collaboration with…

CMTO Live: CBAA's Holly Friedlander-Liddicoat talking Social Media

Feb 15, 2018 CMTO News
Join CBAA's Holly Friedlander Liddicoat LIVE on our Facebook page on Wednesday the 28th of Feb, 1pm…

Have your say in the future of education and training in Australia

Feb 08, 2018 CMTO News
PricewaterhouseCoopers has created a survey aimed at industry and VET representatives in the…

NFDS Participant Coel Healy (RTRFM Perth) wins Wheeler Centre So You Think You Can Pod Competition

Jan 29, 2018 CMTO News
2016 NFDS participant Coel Healy wins the Wheeler Centre's second annual So You Think You Can Pod…

A Huge Success: Brisbane Women's Community Radio Training Project

Jan 23, 2018 CMTO News
Late last year about 16 women attended The Brisbane Women's Community Radio Training Project,…

Bad news for publications: Facebook will be pushing news items further down the timeline

Jan 22, 2018 CMTO News
Mark Zuckerberg released a statement saying that news will appear further down in the Facebook…

Facebook Live Presenter Call-Out

Jan 18, 2018 CMTO News
If you are one of those awesome people that completed our Training Needs Survey 2018 (if you…

What's coming up at the CMTO in 2018

Jan 04, 2018 CMTO News
Happy New Year from the CMTO! We've got a bunch of exciting events coming up in the next couple of…

Webinars announced with CBF!

Dec 15, 2017 CMTO News
Over the start of next year, CMTO will be teaming up with The Community Broadcasting Foundation to…

CBAA and CMTO launch Health Check

Nov 24, 2017 CMTO News
The Community Radio Station Health Check launched by The Community Broadcasting Association of…

National Features and Documentary Series Winner Announced

Nov 17, 2017 CMTO News
The CMTO would like to give a big congratulations to Kaarina Lindell of Triple R Melbourne, who…

Beating the Algorithm: Facebook News Feeds

Nov 10, 2017 CMTO News
Did you know that your Facebook feed is tailored for you? Sound a little like Black Mirror? Yeah.…

4ZZZ present Workshop on Engaging People With a Disability in Community Radio at the 2017 CBAA Conference

Nov 10, 2017 CMTO News
Kim Stewart has been facilitating radio groups with people with a disability (PWD), in conjunction…

Happy World Teachers' Day!

Oct 26, 2017 CMTO News
The CMTO team wishes to extend a very warm thanks to all trainers on World Teachers' Day 2017! The…

Media Lab at the 2017 CBAA Conference

Oct 13, 2017 CMTO News
The CMTO will be presenting a series of workshops over two days at the CBAA Conference with guests…

A day in the life of our social media manager

Aug 04, 2017 CMTO News
I'm The CMTO's social media monitor. If you've seen The CMTO's posts popping up on your Facebook…

Changes to Copyright set to hurt Australia's creatives

Jul 03, 2017 CMTO News
Copyright can often be a confusing thing to wrap your head around, especially because it is always…

CMTO's New National Training Manager announced

Jun 30, 2017 CMTO News
emma cropped
The CMTO is happy to welcome Emma Couch as our new National Training Manager! Ms Couch has come…

Making great features- Certificate IV in Screen and Media (2)

Jun 13, 2017 CMTO News
OB Training SMART05
As part of the CMTO's nationally accredited Certificate IV in Screen and Media (CUA41215) course,…

Federal Government to increase sector funding by $6.1m over two years

May 05, 2017 CMTO News
In an interview on Melbourne community radio station 89.9 Light FM, Minister for Communications…

Register your interest in a Certificate III in Screen and Media

May 02, 2017 CMTO News
Cert III in Screen and Media Call out
Do you live in Sydney and want to get involved in community radio? The CMTO currently has some…

The CMTO has a new CEO!

Mar 13, 2017 CMTO News
headshot giordana caputo square
The CMTO is pleased to announce the appointment of Giordana Caputo as its new CEO. Giordana moves…

CMTO Launches New Website for Creative Audio!

Nov 18, 2016 CMTO News
filming on phone
The CMTO has launched a new Creative Media Content website to help media producers put their…

Hindenburg and the CMTO join forces!

Jun 21, 2016 CMTO News
The CMTO is proud to announce its partnership with Hindenburg Systems which produces editing…

Vale Tiga Bayles - former CMTO Chairperson

Apr 18, 2016 CMTO News
The Community Media Training Organisation’s founding Chairperson and much-loved leader, Tiga…

Qualified Trainers Wanted: WA & QLD

Mar 28, 2016 CMTO News
Qualified media trainers and assessors are needed to deliver a range of courses at community radio…

2016 Free Webinar Series

Feb 23, 2016 CMTO News
The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, supported by the Community Media Training…

NFDS content now available for stations

Nov 23, 2015 CMTO News
The winner of the CBAA Award for the National Documentary and Features Competition is... Sue Reece,…

Free Webinar: Mobile Journalism

Oct 02, 2015 CMTO News
Mobile Journalism: it’s radical, it’s accessible and it can break stories locally, nationally and…

A fantastic and rewarding, food for thought weekend

Jun 25, 2015 CMTO News
Stella Glorie & Britta Jorgensen
Radio storytelling champions from around Australia gathered in Sydney between 20-21 June, for a…

Radio makers from across Australia gather in Sydney for storytelling workshop.

Jun 17, 2015 CMTO News
Maddy Macfarlane
Radio makers gathering in Sydney: A series designed to produce new radio works for national airplay…

2015 CBAA-CMTO Webinars

Jan 30, 2015 CMTO News
Free webinar series for 2015, register now. In 2015, the Community Media Training Organisation…

Training Funding Available NOW!

Jul 31, 2014 CMTO News
Latest News: Training Funding Available NOW! The Community Broadcasting Foundation's Training…

Free Webinar: Women in Community Media

Jul 30, 2014 CMTO News
mikaela simpson
Latest News: Women in Community Media What role does community media play in addressing the gender…

Free Webinar: Sponsorship regulation

Jul 22, 2014 CMTO News
CommunityInformation 3-1
Latest News: Does a station have to be paid for an announcement for it to be considered advertising…

CMTO-CBAA Webinar Doing Great Music Interviews July 8th 6.30pm

Jul 04, 2014 CMTO News
Dead Prez
What is this webinar about? It's about how to avoid the interview from hell! If you need to check…

Free Webinar: Conflict Resolution

Jun 17, 2014 CMTO News
conflict resolution
Got issues at your station? Need some strategies to deal with conflict and disputes? Well register…

WHS for volunteers & stations

Jun 04, 2014 CMTO News
The latest CMTO/CBAA Webinar delved into the world of Workplace Health and Safety with guest…

Free Webinar: Fundraising for Community Stations

May 20, 2014 CMTO News
change in coins
Community broadcasters rely on the financial support of their respective communities to remain…

Who makes the decisions in Community Broadcasting?

May 02, 2014 CMTO News
While the community broadcasting sector prides itself on its diversity- just how diverse is the…

What Training Does Your Station Need?

Jan 30, 2014 CMTO News
ARDS Training with TEABBA
The Community Media Training Organisation is the community broadcasting sector's registered…

Radiothons for Smaller Stations

Sep 04, 2013 CMTO News
radiothon meter
The CMTO in conjunction with the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia has launched a…

Sponsorship for Community Broadcasters

Sep 04, 2013 CMTO News
The CMTO in conjunction with the CBAA has launched a series of free webinars for community…

How To Write Content Grants

Aug 02, 2013 CMTO News
content joker
Have you applied for CBF Content Grants and been knocked back? The next round of CBF content grants…

Free Social Media Webinar

May 15, 2013 CMTO News
social media wordle
Still cloudy about social media? The CMTO in conjunction with the Community Broadcasting…

Audio Competition

May 15, 2013 CMTO News
Third Coast Radio Competition
Prizes of up to $4000 are up for grabs in the Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation…

Sri Lankan Training

May 15, 2013 CMTO News
The CMTO's freely available Training Videos have been getting a run in Sri Lanka. Broadcaster…

Face Facts: Facebook for community radio

May 15, 2013 CMTO News
Want to know what to do about station pages, program pages, presenter pages and how to consolidate…

TYGA Bloggers Let Loose!

May 15, 2013 CMTO News
TYGA Training
Media students at Tasmania's TYGA FM - located in the beautiful New Norfolk on the banks of the…

Coast FM High Achiever

Feb 07, 2013 CMTO News
Lauren Milan-Berlin accepts her award
How's this for a good news story! Cairns Year 12 student Lauren Milan-Berlin was awarded Smithfield…

Latest Training Funding Announced

Jan 07, 2013 CMTO News
paul and violi
The CBF recently announced the latest round of training grants. Accredited Training was prioritised…

Regional Trainers Needed!

Sep 03, 2012 CMTO News
The CMTO is currently looking for expressions of interest from qualified broadcast trainers in the…

Going new places with audio?

Jul 25, 2012 CMTO News
Have you created super openers/closers to your program? A great interview? Told an amazing story…

Pathways workshops at Highland FM

Jun 25, 2012 CMTO News
Highland FM completed their Pathways workshop on Governance over the weekend, they got a lot out of…

CMTO Roundtable: Multiplatform Broadcasting

Mar 01, 2012 CMTO News
The CMTO, with the help of Bryce Ives, put together a couple of quick roundtable discussions at…

Training at 1WAY Canberra

Feb 20, 2012 CMTO News
Training in the Cert III in Media has begun at Canberra's 1WAY FM with Station Manager Colin…

Where accredited training can take you

Feb 14, 2012 CMTO News
Did you know that completion of Cert II and Cert III courses can pave the way to tertiary…

Training at 2000FM

Feb 14, 2012 CMTO News
CMTO Trainer Paul Thusi gets training underway with the Russian Language group at 2000FM in…

CMTO Roundtable: Multiplatform broadcasting and production.

Jan 30, 2012 CMTO News
While most people were lounging on the beach over summer, the CMTO were hard at work organising…

CBAA 2011 Conference: It's a wrap

Nov 24, 2011 CMTO News
CMTO youth training project ‘CBloggers’ conducted in partnership with the CBAA and supported by the…

CBloggers take flight

Nov 03, 2011 CMTO News
The CMTO is gearing up for a fun-filled week on the Gold Coast as we gather 10 young broadcasters…

3WAY training by 2DBLJ

Oct 19, 2011 CMTO News
Julie and Josine make a fantastic team as 2DBLJ and helped the trainees at 3WAY in Warnambool get…

Cert III Delivery Pilot- Podcasting

Oct 12, 2011 CMTO News
Trainers Ande Foster and Joe Panetta developed and tested a pilot delivery style for the…


Aug 12, 2011 CMTO News
comp edit
At the end of each CMTO run training course, host stations, participants and trainers are given…

Become a Radio Pro with FBi Radio!

Aug 12, 2011 CMTO News
Applications have now closed! FBi Radio, in partnership with the Community Media Training…

Become a CBlogger

Aug 12, 2011 CMTO News
Applications have now closed! Members of the CMTO team will be on the sunny Gold Coast in November…

Funding for Broadcast tech training!

Aug 08, 2011 CMTO News
The Community Broadcasting Foundation is now taking funding applications from stations wanting to…

Southern Highlands Calling

Jul 29, 2011 CMTO News
The Sydney CMTO trainers have been getting out and about, visiting two great stations in the New…

E-learning courses coming soon!

May 19, 2011 CMTO News
E-learning is a growing industry and the CMTO is working hard to be at the forefront of course…

Changes to Training Grants

May 19, 2011 CMTO News
The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has announced changes to its annual funding grant…

New Short Courses

May 19, 2011 CMTO News
At this time of the year, many stations are gearing up for their AGM and electing new board…

Top Shelf Trainers

May 19, 2011 CMTO News
Recently joining the CMTO's growing team of sector-experienced, registered trainers are…

Outside Broadcasting

May 19, 2011 CMTO News
Independent Brisbane Broadcaster 4ZZZFM spent the weekend in the station's grungy carpark learning…

Great new resources from SYN!

Apr 28, 2011 CMTO News
The gang at SYN have been at it again, this time putting some great training resources together for…

This multimedia project is inspiring!

Apr 13, 2011 CMTO News
Working in media, we all know that in order to move forward we have to move other…

CMTO Trainers Assessors

Mar 21, 2011 CMTO News
The CMTO is looking for qualified media trainers and assessors to deliver a range of courses at…

African Girls Media Workshop

Mar 04, 2011 CMTO News
dead prez
The CMTO in partnership with Radio Skid Row in Sydney is running a workshop for young African…

Community media in the digital age

Feb 25, 2011 CMTO News
These days it's not unusual to see resumes where people present themselves as editors, multimedia…

Women in Community Media

Feb 25, 2011 CMTO News
Women in Community Media is designed to increase the participation of younger women in the media…

Radio Technologist Training - Feasibility Study

Apr 07, 2010 CMTO News
If you’re lucky, you have someone to look after the technical aspects of the day-to-day operations…