CMTO Pathways courses are a great way to kickstart your training. Courses are short, one-day sessions with no assessment and give you the opportunity to sample CMTO training before you decide to enrol in a nationally-recognised qualification.

If you are interested in getting training started at your organisation contact the CMTO here.

CMTO In-House Training Kit- FREE DOWNLOAD!

In house training kit
The CMTO’s in house training kit has been designed to assist this social learning which is already…
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Fundraising & Sponsorship

alan2  1way
Community broadcasters rely on the financial support of their respective communities to remain…
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Outside Broadcasting

Outside broadcasts are one of the most fun and effective ways to expose and promote your station to…
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New Media Talkback

social network thumb
There used to be a motto in community radio that the phone was the most important piece of…
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Financial Management Made Easy

Coins Accounting
Does your Station operate on an annual budget that rarely changes? Do your board members undertsnad…
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Music Interviewing

Anna Eliza
Following the hugely successful webinar on doing great music interviews, the CMTO is offering the…
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Strategic Planning

Get the assistance of a trainer expert to help you through a dynamic strategic planning day for…
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Board Induction/Governance

For community radio station boards members. Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands…
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Participants will take a close look at whether their station is compliant with codes and…
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Learn how to research and plan interviews, ask great questions and make some great talk radio.…
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In this age of multiplatform broadcasting, the first step to producing content for all platforms is…
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This one-day course for people already working on-air offers feedback, practise and ways to expand…
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Media Law and OHS

A necessity for anyone who wants to go on air. This course covers codes of practice, defamation,…
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