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CMTO/CBAA Webinars for Community Broadcasters

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This series of webinars CMTO & CBAA deal with a range of issues around community broadcasting. Recorded webinars are below. For details of upcoming webinars visit the CBAA Webinar page here. Click on the playlist icon below to view all webinars in the playlist. Read More...

Tools for multiplatform broadcasting

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This series of videos by the CMTO deal with a range of tools and ideas to make your radio program jump from the radiowaves into social networking and online multimedia formats. Watch the whole channel in couch mode here Read More...

Different types of microphones

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Understanding the different types of microphones used in broadcasting can be tricky. In this video we speak to an expert about a range of microphones you might come across at your community station. Read More...

The Digital Panel

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Community Radio Stations have been operating with analogue panels for a long time but the move towards Digital Panels is beginning. In this video we take a look at a the Digital Panel and how it changes the way an announcer operates. Read More...

Correct Microphone technique

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Correct microphone technique is very important in the studio to ensure your listener gets the message. Watch this video where we demonstrate the best way to position yourself and the microphone. Read More...

How to Cue a CD and Back Announce

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It is important to cue material before playing it live to air for a number of reasons; to check if it is the correct track, to check for content and to ensure the levels are set for airplay. Watch this video to see how to cue a CD for airplay in the studio. We also demonstrate how to Back Announce a track effectively. Read More...

The Studio Equipment

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The studio can be a daunting place, but every studio has the same sort of equipment and operates in the same way. Take a look at this video which identifies the basic studio equipment. Read More...

OHS in the studio

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OHS in the studio is really important, there are number of things to be aware of including leads, drinks in the studio and leads and cables. Watch this video for some handy OHS info: Read More...