As a CMTO Student we aim to support your learning in the best way possible. The following information will help you in undertaking your studies.

Unique Student Identifier

From January 2015, its is a requirement that all students in Australia have Unique Student Identifier (USI). The USI will be an indentification number which will enable your records and results obtained after January 2015 to be recorded in anonline system for you. This will enable you to access your training records whenver you need to.

The CMTO cannot issue you with a certificate or statement of attainment if you do not have a USI.

To obtain a USI go the Unique Student Identifier Website and follow the steps. You will need some forms of identification such as a drivers licence, medicare card, a passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate etc

Enrolment Procedure

If you are attending a CMTO class hosted by a communty radio station you will be notified about an information session where you will be give all of the information you need before enrolling. You will be given an enrolment form and instructions about the Unique Student Identifier (see above). Once you have completed and submitted your completed enrolment form, you will submit it to your trainer for processing by the CMTO head office.

For Smart and Skilled Courses: Students applying to take part in CMTO courses which are funded by the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled Program must meet certain eligibility criteria before enrolling. Check out more about the CMTO courses offered as part of the Smart and Skilled Program.

Fees and refunds

The CMTO courses which are funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation and are offered at community radio and television stations are offered at no cost to existing volunteers. From time to time, the CMTO offers a number of short courses which are delivered online for a short cost to individuals.

For Smart and Skilled Courses: students applying to take part in CMTO courses which are funded by the NSW Government's Smart and Skilled Program may have to pay fees for their course. Exemptions apply. You will find  further information on student fees for these courses on the Smart and Skilled website.

RPL and Credit Transfer

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process which recognises what you have learnt from life experience (activities such as public speaking or music), work experience both at the station or in other workplaces (presentation, studio operations, administration, project management, online work etc) and other training or profesisonal development you have participated in. If you think about your work at the radio station and then think about other work an activities you particpate in then you may realise that the things you learn outside of the radio or television station assist you in your work at the station. At the time of enrolment you will be asked whether you think you are able to perform any of the tasks outlined in the course timetable and decsription. For example, you may already know how to edit or present radio programs. You may be able to present evidence of your work and after an interview with your assessor be granted the unit without having to complete assessment tasks.

For credit transfers you will need to provide verified evidence that you have completed the nominated units at another Registered Training Organisation. This emans that you will attach a verified copy of your statement of attainment or certificate to your enrolment form. The CMTO will contact the issuing RTO to verify the statement. You must not enrol in a unit with the CMTO which you have completed elsewhere.

Student Support

Being a student is exciting but sometimes you might need assistance. For any requests for assistance contact your trainer or the CMTO office (02 9318 9626). You will find a list of other support services available in the CMTO Student Handbook below.

Reasonable Adjustments for Assessments

Reasonable adjustment for assessments is offered to ensure that everyone is treated equally in the assessment process

Assessment Deadlines

Deferring or withdrawing from a course

CMTO Student Handbook

More Information for Students Enrolling through the Smart and Skilled Program (NSW Only)