christina 300x300Dr Christina Spurgeon (nominated by CBAA) is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at the Queensland University of Technology. She has an enduring interest in the principles and practices of public access and participation in media and communications services, industries and public policy. This interest is reflected in a long and varied history of association with the community broadcasting sector. From volunteer program maker and cadet journalist at 2SER in the early '80s to co-chair of community TV licensee LINC TV in the late '90s, Christina has also served on the Board of the CBAA, and the CBAA's Standing Committee on Community Television. She was directly involved in lobbying to secure spectrum for community television in the transition from analogue to digital delivery platforms. Between 1999 and 2003 Christina also led another collaborative research partnership involving QUT, the CBAA, Briz 31, and the Australian Research Council. This project had a research training focus and made important and original contributions to policy debates about the role of quasi-market organisations such as community television in diverse media systems, and to participatory democracy. The partnership also led to the establishment of the Academic Stream of the CBAA's annual conference, and 3CMedia: Journal of Community, Citizen's, and Third Sector Media, a scholarly e-journal seeking to connect researchers, community media practitioners and the NGO sector. 3CMedia is published by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and Christina is its founding editor.

Christina also serves on the editorial board of leading media studies journal, Media International Australia. Her areas of research and teaching expertise include the implications of new media for media and communication industries and public policy. Her book, Advertising and New Media, was published by Routledge in 2008.

Christina's term as Board Member with the CMTO is until August 2020.